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الثلاثاء، 14 يناير 2014

New Eating Changes...?

Hi there! :]
I've noticed that since Halloween, my healthy-eating habits have been waning and it's honestly not something I'm glad about. I mean, I have been eating things like apples and quinoa but also things like Nutella (from my friends during lunch. It's like melted milk chocolate spread on bread) and too much sugar.

Reminds me...I found Biscoff spread at my local grocery store yesterday. I heard it's addictive. I also heard that if I haven't tried it before, I shouldn't so I can save myself from an addiction.

Anyways, during winter break (Dec. 16-30) I decided to rid meat in my diet, but still include foods like shellfish (although I rarely eat that, maybe max. 5 times a year), fish, and eggs (I need protein, of course :). So far, so good.

I'm personally notorious for eating many slices of bread a day, sometimes even 4 slices in a day. Bad, bad habit. To break it, I decided to freeze the bread I buy (who wants to give me a fool-proof yeast bread recipe?) and that has helped or I only eat 1 or none slices in a day. The most would be 2 since the bread is out of sight and mind.

Quinoa has been added to my diet, but will soon vanish as the store I go to has stopped stocking on it. Instead, I'll be trying millet instead, as that grain(?) is the only one available to me now.

So, awhile ago, I made these muffins:
Recipe can be found here

Some modifications
  • I couldn't actually grate an apple. Too much water in them, I guess, so I used ~1/3 cup apple sauce in place of the grated apple
  • In the topping, I decided to only use 1 tsp honey since the topping already had 1 tbsp sugar + the muffin itself had 1/4 cup of honey
  • In the directions for the topping, it said to add oil, which wasn't placed on the ingredients list so I just left it out. No harm done
Verdict: awesome muffin. I loved the topping; it was crunchy and sweet while the muffin was moist, although very slightly oily, so next time I think I'll add 2 tbsp oil and 2 tbsp applesauce (+ the applesauce for the grated apple)
PS. Photos taken with iPhone 3GS, edited with apps on the iPhone (I think one of them was Camera+). Also taken on a pretty bad day too...

So yeah. Ignore them :]
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